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happy cycling

Every so often, it's kind of great being shoved around by a teeming pit full of moshing teenagers and walking home with a sore lip soaked in some strange combination of their sweat, yours, and light misty rain. That is, the Thermals were beyond great tonight.

I just realized that it's been almost a year since I saw Arctic Monkeys in Amsterdam, with nearly identical results.


The Shins were pretty good on Tuesday night, too. Just understandably more sedate.


AND! you can listen to the whole Arcade Fire show from 17 February in New York. [npr] It is even downloadable in mp3 format without any trickery.


I was at that show last night! I didn't see you.
I didn't see you either! I ended up near the front of the stage.

btw, http://www.dodgeball.com/user?uid=32619
great great show. can't believe we didn't run into you! i saw soo many people i knew!
I got there just as Helvetia finished. It was already/just about to be sold out, but Katie let me in. I just decided to get caught up in the mess of people at the front of the stage rather than facing the crowded bar area since the person I was planning to meet was bound to be locked out.
can't do it, dude, all my texts get used up on dodgeball. howzabout you give me yer digits and we can just send eachother civilized messages like real people.

ingopixel at gmail dot com
oh, that's right. I forgot that everyone doesn't have a data plan with unlimited text messages. dodgeball is awfully chatty and message hungry.
look at your sexy legs!

shouldn't this have been on my previous post?

to think that I get to see them every day.