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Other things from this week: Portastatic was kind of blah (actual lyric [?]: your love moves me like an uzi) Camera Obscura were super cute and Scottish on Monday. I realized that they don't actually sound all that much like Belle & Sebastian and that the key to their induced nostalgic sound is probably the Hammond organ. The only real downside was that Neumo's was sweatlodgy, possibly hotter than Calcutta.

We went from winning the Ballard pub quiz at halftime to a painful tumble brought on by a fatal error in trying to identify first ladies from their photos.

Last night, after Synth Club had finished playing and I'd already made the customary run across the street for a hot dog from Shorty's, as happy hour was winding down at McLeod Residence I was sort of confused about whether it was time to go home since Lele hadn't yet started yelling at me. Once I took control of the iPod so that we could all hear and dance awesomely to the trio of "Hungry Like the Wolf", "Since U Been Gone", and "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and got slapped in a little slap fight with Buster it made it feel O.K. to leave.

Luckily, I left early enough to take a cab home only to realize that my keys were at work, walk back to my office, beg the security guard to let me in, and then walk back up the hill. Superfun!

Today I spent all day making a poster for a meeting that I'm going to in Orlando early next month. It's a revolution in organization, AutoShapes, and text box shading. I was so into it that I didn't get to our department happy hour until 7:30 to drink a glass of Chimay at the Stumbling Monk.

And now it's off to see Grizzly Bear at Neumo's.


Oh! If you use a Mac, might change your life for the better. I just downloaded it this afternoon [thanks Slog!] so I don't know for sure, but it looks amazingly useful.

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