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Final countdown

In a surprising turn of events, it seems as if I will be finishing my degree.

That is, if I pass the final exam that I requested today.

Save the date: dissertation defending will go down on 8 March at 10 am. Charts & graphs! Minimal Power Point! Me attempting to seem knowledgeable! Snacks!


Good luck!


You're all grown up!
Congratulations! I'm sure your attempt ti seem knowledgable will go wonderfully.
Yay! What is your degree in?
Josh is getting a PhD in Epide[r]miology.
What? Lies!
well, the derm part is a lie. he is getting a phd in epidemiology.

but sometimes when i tell people this they, no joke, say, with varying amounts of tentativeness in their voice, "he studies skin?"
unsurprisingly, people say this to me all the time. often, they seem proud of making the skin connection.

I should switch research areas and actually start studying the epidemiology of skin diseases.
let's celebrate with a costume party with you dressed as Real World Danny!
Doctor Josh


Hooray! Are you going to make us call you Dr. Josh?

Congratulations, that's really excellent!

And now I have this hilarious image of you doing magic tricks between chart/graph/power point segments while The Final Countdown plays in the background.