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weekly recapping

for sale: one "large" american apparel "fine jersey leisure dress" in red. worn once. perfect for tennis season.

So. Last night I went to a party where everyone was wearing a red dress. The original chea/lazy plan, when I was convinced to attend with a promise of a spot on the guestlist, was something togalike constructed from sale priced bed sheets, but then I worried that such a solution would be more conspicuous than just going along with the theme. Perhaps trying the garment on before arriving at the party might have been a good idea? Or maybe not. The internet is filled with blackmail photos, if I cared. I think that I consumed more caffeinated soda there than I have in nearly a decade and am still jittery.

Other things from this week that I forgot to mention. the Blow + of Montreal on Friday, followed by a stop at the Rosebud. Then Buster in Pine Street trying to get hit by a car / hail a taxi. Several happy hours on Thursday. Arm wrestling and darts. Seeing Notes on a Scandal (tension! depressing! breakdown! but good) earlier in the week. wake up, pass out, fall down, comb your hair. (repeat)


You went to the red dress printer's devil party ?!
One day we're bound to meet.

Mmm, maybe i should buy that dress from you !
yeah. was there another red dress party on saturday night?

the dress is bound to be a collectible.
so many things are missing from this post. hmmm.
hmmmm. this isn't a gossip column, you know.
of Montreal made out with freshman girls and vomited in my apartment, I've never forgiven them.
what? when? at least you got a story for your vomit cleaning expenses.

(actually, another elephant 6 ended up crashing at the house of some of my friends. I remember hearing that they were difficult to be rid of, too)
My roommate was manager of Wash U's radio station last year, and they booked them to play on campus. So we ended up hosting the afterparty, and they got pretty wasted. Wasted to the point of the singer having a threesome in my bed with a couple of the freshman interns. I was not. amused. at the time. I mean, they could've at least asked first. Although "can I get drunk and have a threesome in your bed with a couple minors?" is an admittedly awkward request.

The cleaning lady charged us extra the next morning.
i totally should have returned the dress for you the next day!

the tag was removed, i'm an amateur

you can return it for me this week if you want. i'd even take store credit.
I just saw Notes on a Scandal. It was so great!

/it made me feel really weird about friendship

definitely. underage girl slut from the tennis club is my style. but i added a necktie, ridiculous sunglasses, and white all stars to complete the look.

If you look around on the internet, you can probably find many photos me wearing it at the party.
you're right. it was actually one of the less slutty options I saw during my brief perusal of the women's department. But, although it was a little shorter than I'd have liked, it mostly fit.