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Superbowl slapfight

Superbowl LXI will be forever remembered as the day when slapfights went mainstream. [aol]


haha, sedea and i were just saying the same thing.
faceslapping in the new knucklebumping. Budweiser says so; it must now be true.
christopher frizzelle totally called it, too! http://www.thestranger.com/blog/2006/10/slapping_is_the_new

it's a good thing you and i practiced our slap fighting at the cha cha the other night.
yeah, but 14 million viewers is a totally different scale for mainstreaming. still, the practice will pay off in establishing our old school credibility.

btw, frizzelle was mistaken: portland is the new ballard.
I do love that slog post, if only for kerri harrop's comment.
thank you for not bringing the slap-fighting to the croc
it's just as well. now that slapfighting has been on a superbowl ad, it might be over.