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in which I make the same post as last week

Mind boggling events from this week include going to the pub quiz in Ballard at the Old Pequiliar. Even though it was crowded, we found a tiny place to sit and didn't fare horribly, yet did not to well (or horribly) enough to win any prizes.

The next day, Carolyn and I saw Inland Empire. I have no idea, really. There were talking rabbits. What?

Whenever I go to McLeod happy hour, I eventually can think of nothing other that going across the street to get a hot dog from Shorty's. (Perhaps this is a consequence of not eating between work and drinking?) Sometimes I feel like a bad vegetarian for delighting in the occasional fake processed meat product and eating chili cheese dogs with a fork and knife sort of diminishes the fun, but still delicious.

This week, people were having haircuts in the McLeod room. By the end of the night (noted by the ceremonial playing of "hungry like the wolf" and "total eclipse of the heart"), a non-notable Seattle celebrity had McLeod shaved into his haircut.

THEN/LATER, taking a cab up the hill, motivated partially by a conversation about conjoined twins, our driver told us all about how his "friend" accidentally "made sex" with his own sister. War, refugee status, and Africa were involved in the mix-up. I am surprised no one fell out of the car.

OK. haiku time.


Yeah, the talking rabbits surprised me too. They're from this series called, well, Rabbits, which was on his website in about 2002, I think? I remember watching the series a few years back and thinking it was just about the creepiest thing I've ever seen. Naomi Watts is the young girl rabbit, btw.

Now if only I had a Metroblogging account, I could be thrilling all of Seattle with these facts, instead of just your poor journal.
what? you didn't get your username/password e-mail?
Nope! Should I have? I haven't heard anything since the introduction/request for e-mail address email.
1. i think freddy counts as a notable, though we didn't include him in our list.

(my favorite part of thurs night:
guy on the street: HEY LOOK IT'S DJ KING OF PANTS!
you: so this is what it's like to hang out with a seattle notable.
freddy: i'm not a notable. i'm not even on THE LIST.
you: no, not you. i meant LELE.


2. i think the ceremonial playing of 'SINCE YOU BEEN GONE' is what triggers the end of the night.
blue.) that whole awful cab conversation was MY FAULT. i take blame for everything, it was my version of EGGER, you know, the game in which you egg your cab driver to say the most hideous things.

p.s. yes i do realize that i've gotten quite good at scaring you. i take pride in it, to tell you the truth.

nighty night jc.