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indio or bust?

Coachella anyone? The headliners (Bjork, Rage Against the Machine, and Red Hot Chili Peppers) aren't all that thrilling, but the rest of the lineup [kroq] is stellar.

(arctic monkeys! the arcade fire! air! bjork! interpol! jose gonzales! andrew bird! blonde redhead! lcd soundsystem! new pornographers! css! explosions in the sky! grizzly bear! hot chip! of montreal! the rapture! tapes n' tapes! we are scientists!)


Wow, that's an awesome lineup this year! We're seriously considering driving down to SF, picking up friends there, and then heading down to Indio. It's a long, long drive, though. Long, long, long. But whatever.
that is an insanely long drive. flying to los angeles or palm springs seems much easier.
Well, yeah. But someone is all eager for a road trip with his new car, and apparently the coastal highway is very pretty. And it would involve visits to Portland, SF, and LA along the way. But, given my seemingly never-ending unemployment "freelancing," we'll probably end up just going to Vashon and listening to KUOW on the ferry.