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etc., more bars, dodgeball plz

the "&" from love & loss
Predictably, Thursday's Eggger McLeod happy hour included drinking, several people called "josh", and adventures. No dog hair this time, which can only be viewed as an modest improvement in self-monitoring (and is related to the absence of Laddie from the event). A return of goofy dancing and ending up on the floor, though. Although the hot dogs at Shorty's were delicious, they caused us to arrive at Crocodile so late that we only heard Peter Parker's last song. But still, we paid our entry fee. Partially in quarters. Classy.

Friday included drinks at Havana. We left for Neumo's just as the flood of buttondown dancing types started to file in. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks were good, but a lot too throwback jam and guitar soloish to hold my attention through their long set of long songs. After the show, we went to 611 Supreme and then the Bus Stop. They played Dolly Parton, brought up the lights, and threw everyone out onto the streets. Without a speakeasy on hand, our only option was to go to someone's apartment to watch YouTube videos and attempt painful yoga contortions. Really.

After sculpture watching on Saturday, a bunch of us had dinner at Six Arms before Liz goes to India. Do you know that they have tater tots on their appetizer menu? This deliciousness counterbalances the weirdness of their 9/11 beer. WTF?

All of this reminds me to ask, do you use dodgeball? I signed up years ago and immediately forgot about it, but Lele convinced me to try using it again. So, add me [dodgeball] to help un-sparseify my friends list.


who was on the floor this time?

my foot still hurts from the "yoga" i was attempting. i limped around most of saturday. no more 3am yoga for me!
I'm pretty sure that Andy took pictures of us on the floor drinking wine.

For the record, the last time I was on the floor, it was to take a picture, too, and not out of incapacity.
yes, ok, i remember now. on the floor, oops. note to self: will try not to end up on the floor this week.