josh (joshc) wrote,

neighborhood crush slowly sours or intensifies, depending

Ballard is officially TOO CROWDED. Last night, a few of us trekked to the city's most tolerably cute neighborhood for the pub quiz at the Old Pequiliar, where there was not a seat to be found. Rather than sit on the stairs for the pleasure of illustrating our own ignorance regarding matters trivial, we decided to leave.

Since I'd already invested time in the log bus ride, I elected to camp out at Verite before the long trip home. Once again, every table occupied! I grabbed a lavender-frosted cupcake and a spot at the window bar while waiting for a better spot to become available.


Tonight, I went to go to SoDo for a meeting. I thought that a half hour was plenty of time to cover the relatively short distance by bus. But alas, rush hour and snowfall paralyzed traffic. Eventually, I abandoned the disasterously slow-moving vehicle and walked the rest of the way.

Yet somewhere in the stalled traffic, I've heard rumors of enough unused capacity to accommodate a closed viaduct.

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