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shut up i am dreaming

god. this apple iphone is the technology device we've been waiting our whole lives for, isn't it? it even is bringing google and yahoo together for the same launch. [engadget]


I, for one, am glad I'm not faced with the decision to rush to apple.com to place my order NOW. I find myself thanking the FCC for causing Jobs' to pre-announce this product. Now I have until June to determind if I really *need* an iPhone -- for the initial luster to come back to earth let's say...

I'm still holding out for that real new iPod video to come out. And does MultiTouch sound like technology for a new 12" Mac Book Pro (tablet form factor, but done well) to anyone else?

**eagerly awaiting the NEXT announcement from Apple**
I don't know if anyone really needs the iPhone, but it really looks like the future and I can't wait to have a look at a real one. It also reminds me of what the Newton could have been; so that's exciting, too.
Wow... you just sent me back in time. Not many remember the Newton. I suppose you remember the "QuickTake" too? :)
no quicktake for me, but I still have the last version of the newton gathering dust. every once in a while i break it out for old time's sake.