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i am not a stuffed tiger.

favorite shows of 2006

favorite shows of 2006
{ favorite live music from 2006 }
arctic monkeys, sigur rós, sufjan stevens
art brut, wolf parade, c.s.s., feist
the thermals, jaime lidell, andrew bird, harry & the potters
(check flickr for notes)


... what about joanna newsom, the rapture, clap your hands say yeah, the go! team, my morning jacket, scissor sisters, birdmonster, belle orchestre, ra ra riot, islands ... ?
um, did you just comment to yourself? ;)

too bad we didn't know each other earlier! then you could have come to my great coachella jacuzzi party.
somehow commenting to myself seemed more entertaining than editing.

i can't imagine that your coachella jacuzzi party was more fun than ours. did it involve cheap beer in large cans, cheetos, chex mix, and some random people who snuck onto hotel grounds illegally?
no, no, you probably win.

but mine involved cute puppies, champagne, and my hilarious sister.
we were in short supply of all of those. in reality, ours was more collapse (after being herded out of the one tiny exit and finding the indio bar scene lacking) than party anyway.

i just looked to see if this year's lineup has been announced. it hasn't but they seem to be making the festival a three day affair. why?! isn't two days in the desert enough?