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So far, I:
Woke up and fell into the Sunday morning show parade, but became disinterested in political windbags saying nothing.

Made a mother's day call -- my contribution to keeping it the biggest day for telephone use. I’m severely indebted to my wonderful sister who took care of all of the festivities and ceremonial gift-giving this year. She even took time out of her busy schedule to visit the homestead. We take turns being on the ball for these hallmark holidays...

Rode my bike (after months of neglect) to the arboretum for a picnic with kate and carole. I have no food in the apartment, so my version of picnicking is going to the deli for a sandwich and to solstice for cookies and juice. I should really make a trip to trader joe's so that I’m not entirely dependant on the outside world for food.

Going to the park is sort of like going to the zoo. instead of watching other animals and their young, you can watch little kids being insane with their families. maybe it's more like a safari, since there aren't really any cages.

Now I’m home and not doing homework. but it's not my fault. I can't find any good sources for this paper I want to write.
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