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2007, from the balcony

Another New Year's eve in Belltown, only a couple blocks and several stories below one of last year's events. I met up with Maarten, picked up some supplies at the grocery, and walked down the hill, where we found an already very crowded party taking place. Bottlenecks to and from the bar resulted in the fun recipe for disaster situations in which bottles are just carried around to avoid return trips. Witness, champagne circulating as the clock counted down and foul Jagermeister finding its way onto the fire escape to be offered to passersby below as and after the space needle erupted.

From there, things went happily downhill (or uphill? a good direction, I think) with the person-density decreasing to a slightly more comfortable level, wandering into dark art installations, running into friends, talking to strangers, and posing in front of the photo booth. Racing, to a degree, against dawn, we eventually adjourned to the Five Point for fried macaroni wedges, which must be among the more unhealthy food products ever created. Nevertheless, a delicious and partially effective preventative measure.

I slept more and less than I wanted to today. Less in the morning and more in the afternoon, after forging out into the world for food (the visit to restock the kitchen, postponed). By the evening, I went downtown to meet Carolyn for one of the season's final peppermint mochas and to watch Children of Men in a packed theater. I don't think it's cheating to put it near the top of my list of favorite movies of 2006. Yes, it is bleak, but it is also just stunningly and breathtakingly excellent in almost every possible way.

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