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greetings from michigan, the great lakes state

I spent all of Friday getting to Michigan. After arriving at the airport shockingly early (by bus, even!), it turned out that some clouds in Chicago meant that my flight was delayed by several hours, which meant a couple extra hours hanging out at O'Hare waiting in line to find out if I'd get on another flight, and then about forty minutes on the connecting flight napping and waking up to find that we hadn't left because the baggage handler forgot some suitcases. I'm super glad that I just carried my giant backpack on with me.

I used to hate people that didn't check bags. Now I'm one of them.


Before that I went to winter wine tasting night at the watertown hotel bar in the U-District with Carolyn on Wednesday. The owner seems to get a huge kick out of these monthly events. This one was fun, with a little buffet and six half glasses of wine in maybe too short a time. Waiting for the bus home, the rain started falling in cinema-quality medium sized drops. Perfect for waiting in the yellow streetlamps under the inverted concrete pyramid of Shmitz Hall.

The next day I drank champagne out of plastic cups at a magical mansion. It was great seeing all of the people that I don't see often enough, but going meant that I only slept for a few hours before embarking on my long journey from Seattle.


Today, some last-minute xmas shopping, driving to my parents' house, and watching LIttle Miss Sunshine again. There are many things to love about that emotionally exhausting movie. A few of them are depressed Steve Carrell with his stiff armed running, the way that Sufjan Stevens comes on just as the van hits the open road, and, of course, the horn, which was just as cripplingly funny the second time around.

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