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am report

home from rachel & elena's MEGA game night.

a lot of people showed up and we played the number one game of 1996 -- settlers of cataan (?). it is basically civilization lite. it was fun and involved road building, and trading sheep for bricks or wood. after a great start (longest road!!) carol and I pretty much gave up hope and looked to the lottery for salvation.

jon won in a surprising victory and soon we turned toward contortionism and old summer camp tricks for entertainment. four square pushups, trust falls, lindy-hop demonstrations, levitations. it was all sort of random, but different in a good way.

okay. guess i'll go to sleep.



i have a question. i was browsing through random journals looking for a layout...i was wondering how you did yours. i'm not too smart when it comes to html format. i can't even find where to change it. if you have the time could you please let me know how to make mine look like yours. i can change colors and pictures i just need to know how to do it. i would appreciate it alot. and please tell me how i get to the place to change it. thanks.


Re: html.layout...-


for the most part, I made my layout (#68054) by re-arranging the built-in style tabular indent with CSS. I used div tags to position the navigation and text boxes so they'd fit on a single page. It's a duct-tape solution, but it works for now.

From the main livejournal page, you can find links to modify your journal. Under your settings click modify journal to choose a style or edit style to customize your own. The colors are all set on the modify journal page [i use the page-visited link color to list my current reading.]

hope this helps.