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another weather report

snow, day 2

Let's just be clear. The thing that makes this little string of snowstorms so charming is the expiration date. We know that the pretty white flakes that lodge themselves in our hair on a walk home from work, or that accumulate just enough for kids on the street to throw a snowball down the sidewalk at their friends, or that make you kind of want to fall in love with everything for just a few moments will be gone in a matter of seconds, hours, or maybe a day. It won't have time to create knee deep treks to the video store. Your housemates won't need to dig your car out of the parking lot with a broom and a rake and push you out of the driveway because you forgot to buy snowshovels. There won't be weeks of after school parkinglots with everyone brushing snow and scraping ice according to their own personal philosophies. But for now, it's pretty neat.


On Friday, I went back to the scene of my absentmindedly lost bag and it turns out that someone found it and left it with one of the restaurants in the foodcourtish cafe. Before it was turned in, my iPod disappeared from the front pocket. The stupid thing is that it's old and scratched and the battery only holds a charge for a few hours, meaning that it probably wasn't worth a whole lot except for the fact that it has several years of music that I never backed up.


You're exactly right about the charm due to expiration date.

Sorry about the music that wasn't backed up!
Sorry about the ipod, Josh :( Maybe you can enlist some pals to make a few CDs for you, to recover some of it?

Oh and I love the part about Seattle snow. So true. I think this is why snow is still so cool to me -- when I was a kid, it was a rare and wonderous and very brief occurance.
yeah. once I convince myself to buy a replacement I should hold a pledge drive internet telethon for mp3 donations.

I had so much crap on it, that maybe it's a blessing to start over.
ipod loss is one of the greater tragedies in this technological age. my condolences!
it's such a frivolous thing, but not having it make me feel like there's a hole in my head.

I thought about checking pawn shops, but I don't even know if someone would sell an ipod to a pawn shop and I don't even know where any of them are.
christmas is around the corner, just put a new ipod on your list for santa!

i have TONS of music backed up and am willing to share. just say the word!
I know. But can I wait that long?! I think I will be telethoning for DVDs of backed up mp3s.

two comments in one

LOL!! I miss the snow right now - even the kind that you brush with a broom in sub-zero weather. I love snow at Christmas, and in Raleigh it rarely comes until January -- in this age of Global Warming I don't think it will ever come again. (It's 75 today.) But I laughed aloud at your homages to our days in toad lane and vhs.

Also - my ipod battery has NOT been able to hold a charge in a few months, and I think it is going to die soon. I'm sorry for your loss - that sucks royal! But like you said, maybe it is a blessing in disguise. I'm not sure what songs I have that you'd want, but I'm definitely willing to help out, you always help me out when I want a random song.

See you in the VERY snowy land soon (although I hear it's like 60 there, so who knows if we'll see snow in the Great Northern Land of Lakes or not).

Re: two comments in one

I'm actually missing the snow right now too, although I know by mid-January I'll be cursing it. It has been too ridiculously warm here, but tonight we're supposed to get a foot of snow, so I wouldn't give up on dreams of Christmas snow here yet.

Sounds like it's time for another official Metroblogging meetup. Except instead of drinking, everyone brings laptops, external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, iPods, and/or a variety of networking devices. Okay, and maybe some drinking too.

So basically a LAN party for indie kids.

I wonder if the police would show up? Because that would be awesome.
P.S. check your @sciencevsromance email.
I too am sorry about your stolen iPod; I can't imagine life without mine! I suppose the upside is being able to get a fancy new video iPod without feeling guilty that your iPod is just fine and doesn't need upgrading. And of course, you're welcome to any of my awesomely crappy music - if you're looking for showtunes, I'm your gal.

I was jealous of your snow, since it's been 60 here, but now that we are supposed to get snowed in tonight, I envy not your snow, but your small amounts of snow that disappear quickly.