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best, possibly not the best

Isn't it just fantastic when the newspaper gives you a new, almost entirely meaningless thing to worry about? It's even better when it re-inforces an existing paranoia. And it's the best when this all comes from the New York Times Sunday Styles section:
What’s in an e-mail sign-off? A lot, apparently. Those final few words above your name are where relationships and hierarchies are established, and where what is written in the body of the message can be clarified or undermined. ... Mr. Troutwine is not alone in thinking that an e-mail sender who writes “Best,” then a name, is offering something close to a brush-off. He said he chooses his own business sign-offs in a descending order of cordiality, from “Warmest regards” to “All the best” to a curt “Sincerely.” [nyt]

I have found writing most of today's e-mails to be especially paralyzing endeavors.
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