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retail wednesday // thankful thursday

Going to Fremont by way of a convoluted bus itinerary from Google, I found myself with a few minutes to spare in close proximity to the Easy Street Records in Queen Anne. Maybe it is a little corporate compared to Sonic Boom, but they always have a good selection and everything always seems to be surprisingly inexpensive. For instance, just inside the door I found the new issue of McSweeney's. I'd been off the bandwagon, missing the past few issues, but this one was too good to resist. Miranda July! Stephen Elliott! Arthur Bradford! all for $13. It is the sort of issue where they skip the fancy packaging and produce a stellar collection of stories in a perfectly portable trade paperback sized volume. These usually turn out to be my favorites, since I actually read them.

And just a few steps further was the Sufjan Stevens box set of Christmas music, also in the thirteen dollar price range. Even though I don't really like x-mas carols, I'm sure that somewhere in those five discs and accessory materials is a good value.

All of this speedy shopping was so uplifting that I hardly minded when I got to the end of bus ride and learned that Google expected me to swim from SPU across the channel to get to my destination. If only I'd thought to pick up an inflatable raft.


I'd already completed my side dish preparations last night; so I spent the afternoon with the parade in the background (revelation: it's a two hour commercial!) and occasionally checking in on the dog show (but not long enough to see that creepy toy poodle win it all) between minor apartment chores, running out for coffee and picking up some bread to go with dinner. Then Carolyn picked me up and we went over to Carole & Atri's house and spent about six hours in an apartment crowded with friends eating, drinking, walking around nondescript neighborhoods, half-watching a James Bond movie, and playing a protracted game of Settlers of Catan. I had to resort to amassing the largest army for the sake of bringing the contest to an end.

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