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the new york post

Highlights from last week/end's trip to NYC, aside from the obvious hanging out with friends, riding the subway, sleeping on a fold-out couch in a cutiepants neighborhood.

+ Seeing s whole bunch of shows at CMJ. There are some pictures [flickr] and/or if you like reading about that sort of thing, you can check out some of the things that I hastily posted to

  • Lo Fi Fnk [#]
  • Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, the Fountain, ¡Forward, Russia! [#]
  • Cadence Weapon, Oxford Collapse, the Thermals, MEW, the Grates [#]
  • Ra Ra Riot, Birdmonster, Meat Purveyors [#]

+ little Brooklyn wine bar decorated with 60s era maps that served the best olives ever tasted.

+ Marion's Continental has a birthday song and light show and a really trusting bartender who helps pass out slices of cake

+ Murray Hill at Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction Sansabelt Room. FTM transexual / 50-year-old variety show host + singing + corny jokes + crowd heckling + tassel-pastied feather dancer + dance contest won by a possibly homeless guy who walked in off the street wearing leather pants and a fanny pack = !?!!

+ watching the NYC marathon near a classroom of elementary schoolkids waiting to cheer on their teach and guy who loudly cheered for every French runner who passed

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