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the only earth?

november surprise, a few years late

like republican control of the house, rumsfeld is on his way out. [cnn]


What do you think about the Rumsfeld news? To me, it feels like "too little, too late"...and I don't know anything about the new guy, except that he's a friend of the Bush family, so he's probably a bad apple too.
I find it confusing. It seems like it might have helped the Republicans to have him resign before the election.

or maybe it would have seemed like an admission of a mistake?

or maybe it is paving the way for Cheney to resign so that they can install an '08 candidate as VP?

At a White House press conference going on now, Bush all but conceded that he misled reporters who asked him about Rumsfeld last week. "The reason was that I didn't want to inject a major decision about this war in the final days of the campaign," he said. "The only way ... to get you on to another question was to give you that answer." [salon]
Bush lies as easily and frequenly as I breathe.