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i am not a stuffed tiger.

for posterity, optimistic map

I didn't even think to hope for the Democrats to gain control of the Senate, but looking at the latest map inspires feelings of extremely cautious optimism. Particularly because Talent and Webb are each ahead by narrow margins in both of those important yellow states. (and, for definite good news, a click on the Governors map shows that Grandholm is trouncing DeVos in Michigan.)

I'm beginning to wish that we'd returned to the Spitfire after leaving the Lovely Feathers + the Slip's show at the Crocodile.


How was the Spitfire? I almost went there, but instead watched it on only 2 screens at the Pacific Inn Pub closer to my office.....
It was pretty crowded. There was a line outside because they were at capacity. Once inside, the wait for drinks was long, too. But it was fun when everyone cheered loudly when Webb passed Allen in the Virginia senate tallies.