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Yikes! Seattle's weather is serious business. Last night at the airport in Charlotte, they were talking about delaying my flight a few hours because there were low clouds and rain in Seattle. I was really confused because that's pretty much standard operating procedure here and I wondered if I'd spend the rest of the winter waiting for a flight.

I was pretty happy when they changed their mind and sent us on our way. Arrival was just late enough that I didn't have time to drop my stuff off before going to the Crocodile to see Islands. I was in a cab heading home when I got a message from Samantha saying that the band was warming up; so I immediately directed the driver to Belltown and stowed my luggage in the merch booth. Actually, the doorman was planning to search my bags, but quickly saw the futility and let me leave them behind the counter.

The show was super fun and filled with musical zaniness which I need to type about for Metroblogging very soon. After the encore, I ran into Buster McLeod and his entourage. We went across the street to see their soon-to-be art space / bar and I am pretty confident that it will be a huge success. Later, we went back to the Crocodile for some drinks and minor mingling with the band.

Oh, and the weather? Today it broke the internet at my office. But now it's back. Obviously.


Hey, can I ask what you do that you get to travel so much everywhere? I'm totally jealous, I want to be a jetsetter! (or a job that pays my rent.) I don't know how you sleep with all the traveling and shows and movies and book readings and even more awesomeness!

I almost went to see Islands and now I'm regretting that decision. I saw Flushed Away, and that was cute with a good soundtrack.
I'm just a grad student occasionally living beyond my means. I got a pretty cheap flight to New York, slept on a fold-out couch (hooray for generous friends with nice apartments and online impulse purchses!).

Flushed Away looks a little too creepy for me to watch. Maybe I'll just check out the soundtrack.
i am so so so soooo sad that i missed islands :(
I'm so sad that you missed them, too. They're supercute.
i'm so glad we met! wanna be lj friends? :)