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on the wagon?

just went running / not running / gasping for breath / running for about an hour.

now I’m desperate for a sneeze. I think it's all the flowers in bloom.



I am so excited that you run!! You'll have you bring running shoes and appropriate clothes when we're in NC in Sept. I signed up for the Twin Cities marathon (which is the Sunday after our trip) so I'll need to keep in shape while we're there...now I have a running partner?

Re: Running

well, i attempt to run. i doubt that i could keep up with you. we'll see.

anyway, jennifer will be there so you're bound to have a real running partner!

Re: Running

I actually jog very slow.

Jenni's knee is injured right now, but maybe it will be better by then.

Re: Running

so if i work at it all summer, maybe i'll be able to keep up with you superstars.

then again, it is vacation...