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Monday. Insufficient interest in pub quiz punishment led to an impromptu game night at Rachel's in honor of her brother's visit. Before that, I met Carolyn at Solstice. They were out of sandwiches of the meatless variety; so I ran across the street to get something from the sort of new Jimmy John's. I should probably dislike chain foods, but I kind of love them, mostly because they will always taste like hungry late nights at university.

Tuesday. Pumpkin carving extravaganza at Samantha's. Carving tools (which came with Seahawks patterns [?]) cost twice as much as the pumpkin, but no bloodshed and my abstract design morphed from fish to dinosaur to gleefully voracious monsterface.

Wednesday. Marie Antoinette had maybe the best trailer of the year, and that turned out to be a set up for disappointment. It was incredibly dull but often pretty, which might have been the point.

Thursday. Borat was, of course, very funny. More naked wrestling than I thought to expect. It's hilarious that Kazakhstan is angry about this when it should be the US and A who should be feeling humiliated.

Friday. Michelle Orange came to Seattle to read from her book with literary pals. Afterwards, we went to the Big Time and sort of got kicked out for bringing in food from they Gyrocery. Later, the College Pub and Viva Voce / Silversun Pickups at the Crocodile.

Saturday. nothing, really. some typing.

Sunday. More pumpkin carving at Nicole's. With Prizes! Earlier in the day, getting caught in a hailstorm [!].
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