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consumption report, in brief

yikes! the last time I typed in this, I was off to see Architecture in Helsinki, who were really crazy. There's almost nothing left of the buttoned-down cutiepants stylings of Fingers Crossed. Instead, they seem to have deconstructed the idea of a pop song and turned it into something utterly wild and unpredictable and occasionally tribal calypso fusion. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were pretty much as good as they always are, a little more polished, and now the sort of band that brings along a fancy light show.

Thursday was the metroblogging meetup at the Elysian. Pitchers of Pumpkin Ale were consumed. So seasonally delicious. Then I went home and typed about Grey's Anatomy.

Friday, we met at Dragonfish before seeing a movie because it's really one of the few places to meet near the multiplexes. It always seems like a huge logic puzzle to think of a better place, but alas. We had intended to see the Departed, but we spent too much time hanging out and the next showing ended up selling out. We walked a couple blocks and saw all but the first few minutes of the Last King of Scotland. Crazy dictators = bad idea for a country, but a compelling topic for a film. A friend from Amsterdam is in Seattle; so after the movie it seemed like taking him to the Cha Cha would be a good tourist activity. We wound up sitting in the back, next to the photobooth, which generated a constant stream of interesting traffic near out table. He also had the brilliant idea of buying forty ounce bottles of Pabst Blue Ribbon to make the visit more authentic.

Last night, I nurtured my crush on Ballard by seeing talented bands Boat and Math & Physics Club at the not crushworthy Sunset Tavern.

Tonight, My Brightest Diamond, Sufjan Stevens and a very large butterfly-winged band. With inflatable Santas and Supermen! So good. More on this later.

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