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Update your Apocalypse Index, the Tigers are in the ALCS. Not that I actually followed them through their decades of suck (winners only, please), but it's still pretty neat.

What else? I went home from happy hour at the Elysian (without any Pumpkin Ale) in time to watch the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica, which was excellent, but really punishingly bleak. What other series can make you want the terrorists to win?

tonight = we are scientists + art brut


Emily Kane!

I heart Art Brut.

Re: Emily Kane!

they are so incredibly good live. I just checked to see if they'd be in NC this time around. They aren't but guess where they'll be on 20 October? Orlando! They'll be in Miami the next day. I think it's a sign.

Re: Emily Kane!

oops. careful examination of their show calendar reveals that they were in Orlando on 20 September.

Re: Emily Kane!

Oh, whoops. I was excited for like, 1 minute. :) Glad you got to enjoy them.

Re: Emily Kane!

me too! I saw the "20" and jumped to conclusions. Guess that would have been too convenient.