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i love this so much

yes, I already del.icio.us-ed this and posted it elsewhere, but


is so good I can't stop looking at it. Pictures of Twin Peaks locations as they look today.


That is so rad. I was obsessed with this show when I was in 10th grade. Me and two of my friends dressed up as characters from Twin Peaks for Halloween (I was Audrey, Dawn was Agent Cooper, Cretia was the Log Lady. Nobody got it).
I just love how much effort this person put into replicating the angles used in the show and processed the film/images to look like the originals. It must have been a crazy amount of work.
I did the Twin Peaks tour not too long ago, and I'm actually going back to have more cherry pie this weekend. (That place really is good.) I love it enough to even dress as the 'log lady' for Halloween this year.
that is so very cool.