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scattered update

It's nice to see that despite the pretty new park replacing the creepy reservoir and new fancyish condos being built, 11th Ave E retains some of its former edge. Tonight, walking home from a notably brief1 Cold War Kids show at Neumo's I witnessed a kid cramming two of her friends in the trunk of her sedan. While she was preparing them for the oncoming dark, another of her companions sporadically vomited on the curb.

One sad part about the show is that I missed seeing S (again) because I didn't find out that they [/she?] had been added to the lineup until their set was over. I swear that Neumo's only put it on their website a few hours before showtime.

Instead I went to drop off my bag at home after seeing The Queen at the SIFF membership meeting. The movie was both fascinating and a little dull, but I attribute my restlessness to sitting through an hour of people making their voices heard on various minor issues.

1. which is probably for the best, I'm still tired from seeing the Scissor Sisters last night.


I wish that bands could coordinate so that I could see -all- of them. Tuesday was the Nada Surf/Guster show and it was pretty damned good as normal. Muse was Wednesday...I guess its a tradeoff. I'll never get to see the Scissor Sisters.
there's a reason they call it rocktober...