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"flip out like a ninja" day

Today I didn't vote, audition for American Idol, or talk like a pirate. But maybe you can guess which one of these I did yesterday. Last night I listened to Mark Danielewski1 read a whole lot of his new novel prose poem, Only Revolutions. I'm not sure if I'll be able to read it for myself, but the packaging sure is nifty.

I was a little disappointed to have to leave early go to lose at pub quiz; the "q & a" session seemed pretty interesting.


I spent much of today looking up a few things on the internet, making some calculations, and taking notes. Reloading the election results, it's looking like my MySpace friend migt not win the race for 43rd state representative.


Oddly enough, I'm seeing Snow Patrol tomorrow. And having some beer with a friend who is moving to the other Washington.

1. whose House of Leaves isn't nearly as popular among Metroblogging Seattle's readers as I might have guessed.[#]
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