josh (joshc) wrote,

eek. thursday already over.

I survived this morning's visit to the overly computerized ophthalmologist. For all of my trouble and dilated pupils, I found out that my eyes have continued to get worse. Both eyes are now in the -3 territory, but apparently my eyes are healthy. At least I got some new lenses out of the process. I love getting token free things after paying way too much for an exam!

On the way to the office, I stopped for Brie & Tomato on a pesto bagel. The next time your travels take you near the Convention Center, please walk past the new Subway and get a fresh (not chemically adulterated1) bagel from Seattle Bagel Bakery. How's that for product placement?

Sorry. The rest of my day was even less exciting than those two paragraphs, so I'm quitting now. It's sort of that not-so-interesting time of the month with lots of school-related boringness. Maybe it's just me.

(1) they have a sign explaining that the only way to get a fresh bagel is to bake it on the day of consumption and warn that "fresh" bagels in stores are really chemically adulterated
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