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baby, it's cold outside

Tonight we went to happy hour at the Nite Lite, but no one was brave enough to try eating there; so we walked around for a while and settled on the Crocodile.

As romantic as sleeping in a cloud sounds in theory, I think that it might be about time to start closing the windows at night again. Waking up in the cold mist every morning is starting to lose its charm.


Is Nite Lite known for having unsanitary food prep conditions or something?
it's pretty authentically divey; so it just seemed questionable.
i suppose you'd like to wake up in a haze of last night's fried chicken and the echoey reverbs of old testament brimstone.


could you arrange for a street preacher eating a bucket of k.f.c. to work his magic outside my window? please? please?
"As romantic as sleeping in a cloud sounds in theory..."

Ha. I love that.