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anatomy lessons

Right. So the "film contest" thing last night was interesting in its own way. Its kind of amazing how people can make an eight minute movie that seems to last forever. A few of them were clever, a couple were even well made and stylish, but a lot were just really really squicky. Some more than others. After the screening, we hung out at an initially empty and later packed wall-to-wall Havana waiting for the awards to be announced and working through their drink menu. For the first time in who knows how many elections, I managed to vote for the winner.

Today marked a great summer failure: not making it to Colman Pool. But it also included one moderate summer success: going to the neighborhood farmer's market. There, among other produce, I bought an assortment of pluots. They're half plum, half apricot, and all delicious.


Was this film contest one of those 48-hour things, or something else? Sorry, I haven't been keeping up with your journal as well as I should recently.

And what does "squicky" connote?
it was the stranger's annual amateur pornography contest. example of squickworthy entry: cheap costumes, bad naked, fluid-obsessed, people having sex, random shots of housepets. All in one eight minute video!