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feist at mural stage

I already typed up most of my Bumbershoot highlights for Ye Olde Metblog over the weekend. If you're interested in my hasty ramblings here are some delicious links for your web browser:

  • Friday's 826 extravaganza [#]
  • Saturday (Jamie LIdell, Roller Derby, Rogue Wave, of Montreal, Shooter Jennings, Badly Drawn Boy) [#]
  • Sunday (New Pornographers, Spoon, Nick Thune/Mary-Lynn Rajskub/Aziz Ansari, Common Market, Zero 7) [#]
  • Monday (Nouvelle Vague, Tinkle, SuttonBeresCuller, Feist, Metric) [#]

Whitney wrote up all of this in much accurate, compelling, and voicier fashion [ew], providing evidence of why she gets paid to do this for a living while I just spend the weekend contemplating a career move that would make it easier to scam alcohol from dressing rooms on a more regular basis.

Weird facet of this year's festival: I didn't see a single act at an indoor venue. Usually, I end up camped out in the miserable Exhibition Hall for at least a couple sets or staring at the pretty lights at Sky Church. This year, the Backyard Stage took a serious turn for the awesome, both in terms of booking and backstaging. With great weather, it was nice to not be in the dark during the day.

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