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monday/tuesday media consumption report

watching double

Last night, I met up with Peter to hear Marisha Pessl read from her new book [mb]. And to see the person whose hotness had been viciously dissected by Gawker for the last week. During the reading, a guy with stringy long hair and eccentric clothing dramatically walked in and continued to wear his sunglasses throughout the three book sections and q & a. He did not q. I didn't buy a book, mostly because earlier in the day I saw that it was forty percent cheaper at Amazon, but also because it would have seemed weird to start reading something with the author's voice still in my head.


Tonight I watched the Wild Blue Yonder at the Northwest Film Forum. It gave me a headache on multiple fronts.


I don't know how it happened, but I've become hooked on Islands and the first five tracks from Return to the Sea.
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