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drinking not dancing

a couple nights ago, I made a really exciting graph. And then yesterda I made some thrilling tables. It's really nonstop fun over here.

But tonight, I was supposed to go watch a dance off. It was SOLD OUT! What? So instead Samantha and I went to the Can Can, which is really pretty great and only slightly hidden away in the Sanitary Market. There are glass tiles on the ceiling that let you look through the sidewalk and the lights are turned down so that everything looks all kinds of nice and glowy. I had a drink that tasted like the woods and featured a couple large tree-like pieces of rosemary.

Instead of staying around to play BINGO we needed to go to the very empty Green Room to eat some fried okra.


There was a reason the Dance Off was sold out. It was so amazing! Next year, they're doing it in a bigger theater.

it really was totally rad.


Oh sure, rub it in. Next you're going to tell me that they were handing out free puppies and cake afterwards.

Nope, just kittens and cookies. You didn't miss much.
what software do you use to generate your graphs? is it tailored to your professional community?
I use stata, which might not be the best information graphics software, but I know how to use it for data analysis and have befriended its graphics options. I usually pretty the graphs up in Illustrator a bit, too.
new look? i like it. anime meets indie rock - cute.
I'm not sure how long it will last, but when I saw that a new style option was available that featured a sad bunny, I couldn't resist it.
no one could. and so, no one blames you.