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kalamazoo's up and coming rock venue

Speaking of Wolf Parade [metblogs]: what the fuck are they doing playing on 31 August at Kraftbrau in Kalamazoo? I demand that my extensive Michigan-based readers attend this show and report back to HQ immediately. More to the point, when did Kraftbrau become such a great venue (see also, upcoming shows from Mountain Goats, Elf Power, and Rogue Wave).

Maybe I never noticed because no one plays shows over xmas, which is just about the only time I'm ever in town?


i don't know that i've ever seen the f-bomb in this here journal before.

i still hold you in the highest regard.
oh, I'm just trying to cater to the more desirable demographics by throwing in some salty language here and there.
Kraftbrau has always been the epitome of cool, my friend. Remember our lovely evening where we almost made it past the parking lot?
how could I forget! Plus, I hear that Kraftbrau was the host of a pretty awesome open mic night.
That's the word on the street anyway. . .