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It's convenient to think of the middle of the country as a sea of red zombies who adore George Bush, but today All Things Considered visited a book club in southern Indiana. Listening to them talk about world affairs and the president gives a real sense of what a thirtysomething approval rating means. [npr]


My distant Texan relatives tried to convert me to Christianity yesterday! They understand it's not a very popular view with young people and out there on the West Coast with the gay people and all.

Also: Evolution! It never happened!

(We didn't get into politics, which probably would have required me to gnaw my lip right off.)

Anyway, it is hard to drive past all the megachurches — especially the one with the helipad that the minister uses to arrive each Sunday — and not feel like we're losing.
I suppose that it's telling when I'm excited to hear tha librarians and book clubbers in the midwest who participate in NPR interviews aren't raving lunatics.