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Snakes on a Bus

Snakes on a Bus
Snakes on a Bus by joshc. </span>
These plastic critters rained down on me during tonight's showing of (motherfuckin') Snakes On A (motherfuckin') Plane tonight at Cinerama. Such was the reptilian terror that my friend had to leave before the dramatic finale. She claimed that her illness predated the movie, but I suspect otherwise.

update/futher consideration: the movie itself wasn't bad. or good. or so bad it's good either. But, it was fun: I screamed a lot at the awful snakebites and laughed throughout. A movie attending first: all of the audience's hissing was supportive.


haha that's awesome
the people in the balcony had a planeload of them -- snakes were flying throughout.
I was in the Tri-Cities and the kids in the theater there really enjoyed "snake vision" -- in fact they screamed snake vision every time that technique was used.

I agree.

It wasn't bad but it wasn't good. What it was, was entertaining. That's basically why we go to the theater, so I guess it served it's purpose. It certainly wasn't educational or important, but it was fun.

After Sammy made his (motherfuckin') statement, did your audience clap like ours did?

Re: I agree.

oh, our audience chanted along.