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slow progress

Walking home from Pioneer Square up the long hill of Madison (as a gesture to compensate for an after work stop at food court dairy queen), I passed a certain lot and noticed that the hole that was there several years in the past is still not yet a finished building. I remember going to Vito's far too long ago, parking near the concrete pit, and never assuming that such a mundane building would take so long to be completed. I can't remember if that was the night that Dave Matthews was there.

I was at Elliott Bay to watch Ellen Forney's performance [flickr, for a blurry idea of the dress with hundreds of strategic holes she wore]. I anticipated a slideshow readalong, but she came prepared with an animation-enhanced DVD, four really funny stories, audio samples, and a well-rehearsed act that acknowledged the visual nature of her work and expanded on it substantially The highlight of the show was the section about Camille Paglia (whose illustration was always accompanied by a hilariously discordant rock riff) and a very funny FAX with a bullet point proposition. As usual, the Q&A was meta-entertaining. Like call-in radio shows, only the weirdest questions seem to get asked.

Unusal feature of the audience: a large cockatoo who spent most of the evening staring at the back of the room. As a kid I used to be fascinated by parrots, but now they mostly freak me out, particularly in public settings.

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