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blast from the past : jon benet's killer arrested

JonBenet's alleged killer has allegedly been found, in Thailand of all places. This, from the Ramsey family attorney strikes me as a completely weird thing to say about a dead woman whose daughter was strangled:

"It's been a very long 10 years, and I'm just sorry Patsy isn't here for me to hug her neck," the attorney said. [chron]

update: apparently, neck hugging is common, expression-wise, in the South.


if the paper says he's guilty, I don't need any fancy law and order shenanigans to confirm it.
Being from the South, I would like to confirm this neck hugging. It is a very common expression most used by my grandmother.


Unlikely suspect

I doubt this is the real killer. He is trying to dodge jail in Thailand, what better way to escape than to confess to this one? Also, his ex-wife says it is geographically impossible for him to be involved in the murder.
I don't remember hearing about the mother dying..

Now the news will jump all over this all over again.. i cant wait.
I didn't either. I'd actually forgotten about the whole thing, assuming that the "real killer" would never be found. I was surprised to read that the the investigation was still ongoing.
Yeah, me too. Then again, OJ is still looking for killers out on the golf course, so there you go.


seconding the neck hugging

as another southerner, i have to second that neck hugging is common. i have a friend that does this all the time even with people she's only met just once.

it freaks me out but then again i'm a three foot personal space kind of girl.

rakka d.