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Right now I can't think of anything great to write so there is this:

Did you ever wonder why "kalamazoo" was funny? Did you not think there was a right answer? Well,
Noam Chomsky explains it all:

Three short steps in [a] led in by three alphabetically consecutive consonants [k,l,m], occlusive, liquid, labial, respectively (that is, progressing from posterior to anterior buccal cavity), act as a ladder, rising to the highest note in the English register [u], which slides in on us over the glistening parquet of the soft sibilant [z], puckering up the mouth in gentle mockery of itself.

To think that I spent my formative years there and never figured out the part about the soft siblant! But it's still pretty nifty to have a one-word joke as a hometown, no?

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i'll tell you what you can do with your noam chomsky.


my chomsky -- how did i get stuck with custody?

our hometown

Do people laugh at you when you tell them you're from Kalamazoo? Or do you usually just say Vicksburg? When I tell people I'm from Kalamazoo, they laugh and look at me weird. Apparently, it's a place people don't think really exists, like Timbuktu. Like, "where are you from" and the answer "Kalamazoo" is a joke here. Anyway ....

Re: our hometown

actually, people don't laugh. but i usually start very generally in the where are you from game.

me: i'm from michigan
notme: oh, [insert pleasantry] where?
me: southwest michigan ... [assess further interest level] ... kalamazoo
notme: blah blah blah.


I don't think I would ever say I'm Vicksburg. I feel like the people from Vicksburg live in the village, or go to that breakfast place [Mar-Jo's?], or shop at Felpausch.

Re: our hometown

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping at Felpausch or eating breakfast at Mar-Jo's!!!! Don't insult my upbringing - we went to Mar-Jo's every Sunday!!!! :-) No, I know what you mean because it is a certain sort of person that one pictures as being "from Vicksburg", and I really hope that I am not that person.

Re: our hometown

i wasn't meaning to imply anything about the quality of vicksburg people.

i don't consider myself from vicksburg because outside of school, i really didn't ever spend any time in the village.

maybe it's because my elementary school wasn't in town that vicksburg seemed a little foreign.

Re: our hometown

Understood, that makes sense. It was different for me because until middle school I lived right in town, right across from the Old El. And of course I went to Sunset and until Wings I had no idea there even were other schools outside of town!

Re: our hometown

Even though I'm still in Michigan where you'd think people would know about Kzoo, I get weird looks sometimes about it. It's like people think it's a cartoon town or something and there's no such place. Oh, and if peopel want to know where I'm from I always say a small town near Kalamazoo. If they know the area I'll tell tehm about Vicksburg, but if they don't then it just invites unnecessary "Hicksburg" jokes.