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Right now I can't think of anything great to write so there is this:

Did you ever wonder why "kalamazoo" was funny? Did you not think there was a right answer? Well,
Noam Chomsky explains it all:

Three short steps in [a] led in by three alphabetically consecutive consonants [k,l,m], occlusive, liquid, labial, respectively (that is, progressing from posterior to anterior buccal cavity), act as a ladder, rising to the highest note in the English register [u], which slides in on us over the glistening parquet of the soft sibilant [z], puckering up the mouth in gentle mockery of itself.

To think that I spent my formative years there and never figured out the part about the soft siblant! But it's still pretty nifty to have a one-word joke as a hometown, no?

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