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If you leave a party just as someone's running to fetch a laptop to showcase a weird german music video that "isn't exactly porn", are you getting out too late or too early? I stuck around long enough to find out that there were technical difficulties with the e-mail connection, which felt like an appropriate compromise position.


In other news of the weird, I found myself appreciating three different Knute Berger stories in this week's edition of Seattle Weekly.



possibly! I thought that this little history of Seattle magazines [weekly] was actually pretty interesting. His reaction to the New York Times piece about "vertical sprawl" [w] was so much less shrill and reactionary than some of the other responses (which got far too caught up in choice of terms than actual ideas) and there were a couple good points in "six signs of seattle sanity" [w]. SO unexpected. Usually I don't even read the Weekly, but I added their RSS to my newsreader a couple weeks ago out of curiousity.