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interbay mutiny

Happy hour on the patio at Hale's Ale required a long walk through the scenic Interbay Industrial district, past electrical transformation station, a house whose nutjob occupant was pretty fed up with "the man" [aren't we all?], and a makeshift warehouse and semi-truck furniture sale advertised by statues holding signs. As for the deck at the bar, it was pleasant except when the compulsive manager freaked out about any rearrangement of furniture and possible domination of the patio by a large group. For that, they have tables inside.

As dusk fell, we raced down to Seattle Center to watch Casablanca, which was, of course, wonderful. That is, aside from evenings getting a touch on the cold side and the DVD going all pixelated and skippy just as the authorities wheel in to the airport. They restored the audio for the "beautiful friendship" line, but it didn't really avert the tragedy of the botched ending.


Saturday Night? Some combination of CSS + Diplo at Neumo's; S at the Crocodile; or BOAT at the Sunset Tavern.
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