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After a thrilling series of meetings yesterday, I went for a swim at the IMA and ended up with water in my ear. This, combined with the bus ride home left me in a state of low-level seasickness well into the early evening. Or maybe it was the smoothie with orange sherbet?

Anyway. I tried to nap it off and then headed down to a fashion show that turned out to be more like an infomercial for people with loads of money who like models and dislike cancer. Kind of entertaining, because who knew that Seattle had seven hundred people who'd pay to go to SoDo to watch a runway show of items that will show up in boutiques next week?

When that spectacle came to an end, I called janehex and told her to jump off of the Bainbridge ferry so that we could walk around "West Edge" indecisively looking for a place to get an adult beverage. Fleeing Pioneer Square, Samantha recommended that we go to the Zig Zag, but when it was too far away we settled into the Alibi Room instead.


And this morning, the barista at Vivace had an extra shot; so I'm still running on a triple cappuccino. Whee!

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