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weekend briefs

Much of this weekend was spent at the Capitol Hill Block Party, listening to bands, missing some acts due to lines and meetings, eating ethnic foods in a parking lot, and trying to navigate the surprisingly confusing layout. Still, it was thoroughly entertaining and remarkably temperate and lots of music was consumed and temporary hearing damage was induced. [flickr] The best/funniest part was how no one in the crowd seemed to remember who Reggie Watts was or why he was making funny sounds and weird jokes between sets.

The Sea Navy were cute and poppy. Himsa was way too loud and scary metallic for my gentle soul. Band of Horses induced at least one person in the crowd to engage in a rhythmic fist pumping routine, played a Rolling Stones cover that included a guest saxophone solo (always a bad idea), and were good, but not quite the same without Mat Brooke. Pretty Girls Make Graves brought a lip synching transvestite onstage and parted the crowd for some double-dutch jump-roping action. If only they could have combined the two elements.

I only saw enough of Silversun Pickups to hear their last song, "Kissing Families", which is pretty much my favorite of their songs anyway. Speaker Speaker had the pinkest drumset and cutest mascot. I don't think that Minus the Bear was ever actually attacked by a bear, but they still caused vigorous head nodding on this front. Despite the guidebooks's claims Six Organs of Admittance did not induce chills. Two hip-hop related programs were spectated -- the Saturday Knights and Common Market. I saw enough of the The Divorce to hear a couple songs that I like and to notice that Shane is developing a bleach blond pre-mullet, which might be the hot new accessory for fall. The Murder City Devils reunited. I didn't really listen to them during the olden days, but they seem to still have the rock within them.

Standing on the beer garden side of the stage was a superior vantage point for witnessing two crowd-related best parts of their set: (1) a kid dashed past the security guards to try to get on stage, only to be taken down by a guy in a suit and hat who applied the most severe headlock I've ever witnessed. (2) another guy climbed on top of the speakers and, rather than face the security crew, dove into the crowd from twenty+ feet above them. (3) the people around us were hilarious mostly because they seemed incapable of getting the point about (a) not touching the fence and (b) not touching the guard. Also because one of the guys knew every minor Seattle celebrity of all time, which made me incredibly jealous.

Additional drinking took place at Havana, Linda's, and Cafe Metropolitain.


Sunday was pretty much focused on being lazy (by watching political talk shows), getting groceries (at several places), looking around downtown (going to the anniversary sale on the last day is not a good idea), and reading the newspaper (except for the Magazine, which was missing; so I felt compelled to read the Book Review). The front-page article in the New York Times about the dramatic shift in human health and demographics [nyt] was incredibly fascinating and has some solid infographics.

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