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regarding this week

There was this hilarious moment this week where it seemed like our local nightmare heatwave had exhausted itself. but alas, it's sort of back, just without much of a vengence. Isn't the weather a superfun topic of conversation?

In addition to the usual going to meetings and sending e-mails and writing things in hopes of someday finishing this little disseration thing, I had some spicy food at Thaiger room last night and then went to a party where everyone brought bars of chocolate to break up into little pieces to put on plates. Several bars (mine included) came from new the new fair trade organic chocolate factory in Fremont called, creatively enough, 3400 Phinney [theochocolate]. Flavors like coconut curry, bread & chocolate, chai tea are both odd and delicious.


by the way: cutest project runway ever?!

**-It would have been much better if they had big dogs and Keith really should have won simply for taking a stand against forcing dogs to wear retarded clothes.-**

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