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yet another obsession, and today's notes

All day I was wondering what (other than going to work in a timely fashion and staying late to make up for a week and a half at fat camp 2006 [family first!] doing nothing) would occupy my obsessive viewing habits now that the World Cup (which filled the SIFF void) had ended in an exciting (but disappointing, on several levels [you'd think I could pick one team to win, by the fourth try]) finale. Thankfully (for me, and comcast), a whole new season of Project Runway (a.k.a., best reality series of all time) starts tonight. Thankfully (for my productivity), it will take up only one hour of the week.


Sad (/interesting) note of the day: I learned that the Bagel Deli's fried cinnamon-covered bagels, were, in fact, inspired by East Lansing's own (depressingly departed) Bagel Fragel. However, the owner says that he'll never make them with cinnamon raisin bagels, because people here have gotten used to the substandard plain version.


Since I'm still readjusting to the pacific daylight time, I might try to temporarily become one of those people who goes to the gym in the morning. Starting tomorrow. Maybe.

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