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back in seattle, or another media report

I woke up when it was still dark outside to fly back to Seattle this morning. I'd planned to go to sleep earlier, but instead I watched Me and You and Everyone We Know again at my sister's apartment. It was at least 20% better than I remembered it, with the biggest revelation being the extreme excellence of the soundtrack (I don't remember noticing this when we saw it last year at SIFF).

Between episodes of sleep on the plane, I read a lot of The Brief History of the Dead. I was shocked to find it in the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky airport Border's and am less surprised to find it compellingly readable.

Because I toughed it out and took the bus back into town I decided that it was fair to spend money on concert tickets for the distant future and new CDs (Thom Yorke's and Sufjan Stevens's, undecided-to-good, particularly as they're both extras reels of sorts) for listening to right now while I'm putting laundry in the machines, cropping photos, and eating. The last time I used my dining room table for a typing surface I discovered a naked neighbor, tonight I discoverd that I can see planes flying over in the reflection from my window.

When I got home I noticed a few ants in my kitchen; so obviously I had to spray toxic chemicals on a few shelves. Except I didn't really think about clearing out the rest of the cupboard until much later, after my kitchen smells like poison. Now I'm sort of torn between washing a lot of things that I rarely use or just waiting until I forget that they're possibly contaminated with something that could theoretically make me ill.

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