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sufjan does seattle?

Anyone going to see Sufjan Stevens this October in Seattle? Tickets for the 15 October show go on sale on Saturday, but early birds can head over to sufjan.ducatking.com to get main floor seats ahead of the crowd.

You'll need to sign-up for an account, and type in the top secret password (tabby) found on asthmatickitty.com to get the goods. Service fees aren't even astronomical.


well done!
I'm trying to get better about buying advance tickets!
Cool, thanks for the tip - just picked up mine.

(re: the shirt in your default usericon - Harry and the Potters are playing a show at the main library downtown on Friday, in case you hadn't heard.)
they're also playing a show this weekend at 826 Seattle. I think I'll try to go to one or both of them.


Thanks for that -- I was preparing myself to duke it out for tickets on Saturday morning. This was much better!

Re: !!!!!

yeah. it took a bit of getting the account confirmation e-mail through my spam filter and convincing myself that section 3 was really better than section 1, but it was a pleasant online shopping experience otherwise.

/can't believe i'm buying tickets three months in advance/

Re: !!!!!

where are you sitting? i'm totally in row Sec 3 Row M

Re: !!!!!

section 3 / row E