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other activities of daily living and soccer watching

Those who haven't been glued to the weather reports may not know that Seattle is in the midst of HeatWave2006 (not yet freaking out, just mass short pants and flip-flop sightings edition).

On Friday evening, I volunteered to take people's money at a reception for alumni. Only one or two people walked away in disgust; so I consider my doorman intimidation skills to be top notch. After the party wound down and we'd grabbed our fair share of probably overpriced appetizers, the other volunteer and I were dismissed in a timely fashion. I met up with some other friends at Bimbo's and supplemented my finger food dinner with an actual meal. Continuing the heatwave-inspired theme, we left Mexican style cuisine to go to Havana [mb], a new bar on Capitol Hill that is pretty much exactly like Cuba. Or so I like to imagine, having not been to actual Cuba.


On Saturday, there was probably some sort of World Cup action on television and my apartment remains miraculously cool through the afternoon. This suggests that I did laundry and sort of sorted through some of the teetering-on-the-brink of chaos that is my living quarters while maintaining low grade soccer obsession.

Later, it was outdoor partytime. Carolyn and I went to a party hosted by some nice people that we met at the SIFF galas and then to a barbecue affair at her old roommate's condo. Both took place in the wilds of North Seattle. At the end of the second party, I had the killer idea of eating all of the fruits that had spent the afternoon marinating in sangria. Delicious, plus rumor suggests that they soak up the spirits.

The drive back afforded a seriously fantastic view of Mount Rainier, which looks terrifyingly large when observed from a distance that leaves the buildings in the Seattle skyline looking tiny. Also of note, the view from the middle of the Aurora Bridge on a clear day is among the more spectacular views in all of the city.

Once again, party food did not a dinner make; so we went to the Indian place on 15th to have a more sufficient meal. It was pretty empty, maybe because of all the pride going on on the Broadway side of the neighbrohood.


I think that I already mentioned that Sunday was "football on telly" afternoon at the George and Dragon. Getting there was really odd because the busses turned all late and bizarro because of the parade preparations downtown. Eventually I just got a taxi with a driver who wasn't really that geographically proficient.

The afternoon was pretty much consumed with usual Sunday activities like reading the newspaper, buying groceries, and typing things into my computer.


And today I watched an 8 am game and went to work in a timely fashion. While I was out getting lunch I checked and saw that Spain-France was still tied; so I went into Kincora to watch the last fifteen minutes (two goals!) on a small television set with the other four random guys in that stretch of the Pike-Pine corridor who cared about the last first round game.

Yesterday was farily similar, except that I went to the gym after work and recovered the contents of my locker from overdue renewal storageland.


You eat out alot. That's nice. :)
I suspect it's out of sheer laziness. The contents of Josh's fridge are generally sparse and eclectic.
this is pretty much accurate.

however, in the last week more than half of my meals have been prepared at home. I guess I just didn't see much mertit in writing sentences about toasting pitas, chopping vegetables, or boiling rice. the post was already rather long and uninteresting without including the mechanics of the basic goings on of my kitchen.
Ssh. I'd rather live vicariously through you. I'm eating mac n' cheese. Its not interesting at all.
what did you think of Havana? I've yet to go, i hear its hipster and ritzy?
it wasn't very crowded on friday; so I can't tell how hipstery it's going to be. I liked it. A little more info at http://seattle.metblogs.com/archives/2006/06/barfly_havana.phtml